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E. Kaya2/23/23

American businesswoman Alix Lynx revealed super-hot details about herself and her journey as a content creator of the spicy kind. With a following of 2 million on Instagram, the successful pornographic actress has starred in leading adult companies, including: Brazzers, Vixen, and Digital Playground. 

Continue reading to find out more about healthy eating habits, her love for psychedelics, and her tips for newbies in the industry.

Q. How did you decide to become a 🌶️ content creator and how is it going for you?

A. “I went to college, got a couple degrees and tried the 9-5 sit at a desk thing. I hated it beyond words. I felt trapped as a creative soul and definitely not living my aligned life. I ended up getting laid off from one job, decided to be a freelance marketing consultant and during that time discovered My Free Cams. So, I was like Hannah Montana for a handful of months; doing my consulting but then webcamming on the side.

I made so much more money on cam and had so much more fun that I eventually took the plunge and quit my consulting job to do adult work full time. It was very intentional; I knew after doing cam I could never have a normal job again so I kinda forced myself to accept this knowing it was best for me. As most stories go, cam eventually evolved into girl-girl porn scenes which then evolved into boy-girl scenes after realizing how many more opportunities that would open up for me as far as becoming a big act in the adult world. I never do anything halfway.

Q. What are the pros and cons of working as a 🌶️ content creator?

A. Pros: Freedom. Control over your own schedule. Creative control. It’s SO fun. Honestly the most fun job ever. Liberating as hell.

Cons: A lot of people on the outside of this industry have misconceptions about sex workers and are judgmental as fuck. You really have to have a thick skin and be confident in who you are and your life choices to be able to handle it.

Q. What is your best on-the-job memory?

A. As a whole just getting the opportunity to film gorgeous scenes with awesome people and be wildly creative. Especially since now I’m basically my own production studio, I make damn sure the talent and crew I have on set are all having fun and are good vibes to be around.

Q. What is your worst on-the-job memory?

A. Being on set with a creepy ass director who was FaceTiming his middle aged friends while myself and another woman were on set without asking us permission because he wanted to look cool. SO cringe. I did the scene so everyone would get paid but I warned a ton of talent about this dude after and obviously never worked for him again. It’s not rocket science to be a pro.

Q. Any tips/suggestions to creators🌶️✨ who are new to the industry?

A. Treat it like a business, not a hobby. That means working when you don’t feel like it. Post on your socials daily even when you don’t feel like it. Honor your commitments to show up when you say you will and do the best job possible every single time. Be pleasant to work with and to have on set and be professional and on time! But also know that you never ever have to do anything you don’t want to and no matter what anyone tells you, if you don’t like what’s happening on set, speak up!!! Never let anyone bully you. You’re the talent which means you are the star which means without you, no scene.

Q. Based on your Instastory posts, it seems like you love eating plant-based and organic. What is your favourite meal? Would you say you have a healthy relationship with food? Do you have health tips for fellow content creators?

A. YES! I am pretty boring and love a huge vegan Mediterranean salad. Avocado toast too! I have a healthy relationship with food now but it stemmed from years of not. I had an eating disorder for a couple years in college and horrible body image issues but I started to change that around after I learned how to lift weights, work out properly and nourish my body with real food that made me both feel and look good.

As far as health tips, real food is always the winner. Limit processed crap. Stick to food as close to natural form as possible (for example not fried). Stay hydrated - I drink water with lemon all day as well as sparkling water- this helps a lot with appetite and energy! My best piece of advice is to find a couple influencers in the health/food space and apply whatever they’re doing that works for you. It’s a constant game of trial and error but the best time to get started is now :)

Q. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog on psychedelic mushrooms. It seems like you take extra precaution for your safety, which is great. What's the craziest trip you've had? How about the most enlightening?

A. Oh boy! Yes, I am a HUGE fan of mushrooms. They have absolutely changed my life. I haven’t really had any crazy trips other than very recently taking them with my partner and let’s just say getting really hot and heavy for hours on end LOL. That was more fun than crazy. A nice break from reality. As far as enlightening, yes! I also microdose regularly and I have epiphanies all the time.

My most intense trips that gave me the most enlightening results were maybe a year after my dad passed away, it helped me accept and process and properly grieve. I was able to quit a prescription cold Turkey that I had been enjoying TOO much - I had a mushroom trip and threw them out, never touched it again. I also tripped a TON in LA and basically concluded that I can truly accomplish anything I want because my limitations are entirely made up. I still take them to remind myself of that. They’re pretty fucking powerful.

Q. You come across as a very organized and hardworking person, who has excellent attention to detail. How do you keep up the hard work and discipline? 

A. Thank you! At this point my work is just part of me so most of the time it doesn’t feel like work. It’s just a thing I do. I keep a hard copy planner and write down all my to dos and schedule and stick to it. I have a team of around 5 people who help me stay organized behind the scenes between uploading content and updating my auction site, my merch store etc so it’s not just me!

I have shifted from being a solopreneur to having people who work for me. I am able to delegate a lot so that means I can travel, take time off etc if I want to. I also shoot all my content in bulk so I’ll go insane for about a month then take a few months to step back and work on other projects. I’m also a planner and very type A so I’m just naturally good at staying organized and being a leader.

Q. How important is meditation for you? How does it affect your daily creator tasks?

A. It’s crucial. Some days I’ll be like “I don’t need it” but then my brain is in a state of chaos all day. So, I more so need it rather than have the luxury of choosing to do it. It keeps me calm, centered, not reactive, present and the witness of my own thoughts and feelings rather than identifying with them.

Q. When did you sign up to Rulta? How has your experience been with us so far?

A. A few months ago - it’s been amazing!!! The top tier package I have with you has been incredible [Legend plan]. I love knowing that you scan daily for copyright issues and I especially love your social media scan feature that helps so much with scam accounts.

Alix has been a part of the Rulta community for four months now and we are delighted that she chose us to protect her content. So far for Alix, we have:

  • reported 179,480 copyright infringements
  • delisted 36,150 Google Images, and
  • removed 37,050 download links.


Visit Alix’s website to explore more of her character and passion.

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