How can Rulta help Themeforest authors with reporting Copyright Infringements?

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Why Themeforest is beneficial for web programmers:

Themeforest is a website that offers paid theme services to various blogs and cms systems. It's been proven to be the leading digital marketplace selling WordPress templates of top quality. There is a number of reasons why users (usually web programmers) prefer to buy from Themeforest and why authors (web designers) want to sell their products on this platform.

How Themeforest gets its power?

Authors must follow the new web technologies in order to have a good ranking for their products. Themeforest gains its power from renewing its technologies and directing authors to use these new technologies.

The emergence of more talented writers

This business dialogue between Themeforest and authors creates a solid competition between the authors which results in better quality products. Themeforest distributes most of its income to serious and creative designers who know their job. This approach leads to the emergence of more talented writers.

Criticizations towards Themeforest:

Most known criticizations towards Themeforest are putting standards according to the works done, not having free space for the authors and getting half of the money because of the system and service requirements.

Why Rulta thinks that criticizations are not true?

We believe that analyzing the mechanism of the Themeforest from the income distribution perspective is not the right approach. All the marketplaces on the web realize that they need to have a unique support service to keep the customers on the websites. Because of this, up to a particular sale, Themeforest gets half the revenue of the authors. I think it is natural for authors to be charged for the services offered by the site, even traveling around the site without buying anything has the potential to open new horizons for the designer.

Why Themeforest is definetely the best marketplace to sell?:

Also, Themeforest is the best marketplace for the authors to present their products in certain standards (product's rating, comments) that consumers easily find whatever product they need. Without Themeforest, web designers could struggle with the problems with marketing, probably resulting in doing it by their means.

How Rulta intervenes in the relationship between Themeforest and authors

Even though the cycle between authors, Themeforest and web programmers seems convenient, content pirating is the issue that affects this cycle negatively. Rulta can intervene to this place. Rulta works with automated scan programs, collects the pirated content day by day and reports them to the competent authorities.

A detailed explanation of how Rulta effect on authors:

Benefiting from the blessings of creating a DMCA report, the detected copyright infringements are removed. Themeforest's authors' said interruptions on using the Themeforest services can be diminished using Rulta's service. Average money that any Envato-Themeforest web designer can lose from the pirated content is %40 of the income.

How Rulta service effects Themeforest:

At the same time, from the Envato-Themeforest system perspective, they would get more authors because the authors are going to have more profit on their products and don't need to overthink about the income and focus on creating more. This situation would make all the content that is created by the web designers in the Themeforest marketplace blossom.

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