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E. KayaContent creator at Rulta6/15/21

When a viewer logs on to a video chat website such as Chaturbate, they are immediately flooded with hundreds of profiles that are at first sight indistinguishable from each other. They quickly click through dozens of profiles to look for one that most closely matches their specific kinks. This means that cam performers often have only seconds to make an impression on the viewers and hook them in.

So how do you stand out?

You need to make sure that viewers get the gist of what you do in a matter of seconds. The best way to express who you are is through designing your profile. Getting across your cam persona and what you offer visually is the quickest way to get the viewer engaged, and you need to be quick. People in 2020 aren’t exactly known for their large attention spans.

But why would profile design be so important in reeling in new viewers?

Well, it is a well-established phenomenon that people form their mental image of you seconds after they meet you. It’s called a first impression, you know, that thing you never get a second shot at. All the future interactions you will have with a given person is affected pretty significantly by that first encounter.

In real life the first pieces of information people usually get about you are visual: your looks, the way you dress, your posture. The visual nature of that information doesn’t change when you go online, but your looks are replaced by your profile. So what you put on there determines how viewers will interact with you, or if they will interact with you. That in turn determines the future success of your career.

What should you do about that?

There are two things you can do. One: make your profile look polished. There is nothing that makes people click away faster than a poorly made profile with misaligned text and images. Even when you’re going for a more casual persona, your profile should be well-constructed. And two: personalize! Your profile should perfectly encapsulate everything the viewer need to know about you. All the important information – such as the kink categories you might fall into or how many tips you ask for in order to perform specific actions – should be presented on your profile, short and clear. And you need to compliment all that information with the right aesthetic.

How do I do that?

Rulta has your back! At Rulta, we are all about supporting models by protecting their content and reputation as well as bringing them traffic. Our newest creation is a profile design tool that is easy to use, and offers lots of different backgrounds, fonts and themes. Even if you know nothing about web design, with this tool you can create a profile that summarizes every aspect of the service you provide in a way that looks professional and appealing. So if your cam career is in need of a real boost, Rulta’s profile design tool will help you stand out among the sea of performers by letting the viewers know who you are in a matter of seconds.

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