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E. KayaContent creator at Rulta6/9/22

Online Profile Design: How Should You Design Your Profile? 

Maintaining a profile design that is immediately appealing and engaging to the target audience is essential if you would like to effectively grow your online presence. Your profile page is the ‘front cover’ of your business if you like and constructing it in a way that will attract loyal clientele is vital for success. The design of your online profile influences your website’s discoverability; growing your audience helps boost your brand’s revenue.

McKinsey revealed that companies that use personalization benefit from better customer outcomes and generate a significant growth in revenue compared to their peers. These companies recorded a 40 percent increase in revenue after personalizing their services to their target audience. Therefore, it is critical for users to optimize their profiles to maximize their sales.

So, what makes an online profile design impressive? Having a considerable understanding of your target audience is crucial because this allows you to develop a better marketing strategy. You can then build your website in a way that allows you to express your personality and attract more user traffic, converting visitors into long-term supporters. Use this blog as a guide to improve your online profile design.

What Is Online Profile Design?

Social networking platforms can be a life-changing medium to use to uplift your business’s performance. Your profile page represents you as a person but also your brand, too. A profile that is well-optimized for its target audience will improve the brand’s appeal significantly.

Usually, a user profile includes the individual’s personal information (like name and age), a profile photo, and perhaps other aspects of their personality: such as their interests, achievements, and more. The more personalized the user profile is, the higher your chances of reeling in new viewers. But why is it important to have a well-optimized, personalized user profile? As a brand owner, you could increase your profits. According to Harvard Business Review, companies have seen increases (between six to ten per cent) in their net incremental revenue and this is attributed to personalization initiatives. A survey they conducted with Google revealed a similar effect: thousands of consumers immediately saw increases in revenue following a personalized brand experience

Personalization not only benefits the business owner, but also the potential consumers. The more personalized services you offer people, the easier it is to attract loyal consumers, and build a network.

What Things Should You Consider When Designing Your Profile?

Profile designs should be simple to navigate but also unique and eye-catching. If users struggle to access the information they are looking for, then chances are you will lose their attention immediately. Therefore, it is incredibly important to consider user convenience when designing your profile. Here are some tips on how to build an impressive, optimized profile page.

Profile Photo

Your profile photo is usually the first thing that attracts attention and therefore plays a key role in online profile design. The first impression you have on a potential client is incredibly important. The photos you upload should be of high quality and changed regularly to incite your clients’ interest. Whether you are using social networking platforms, or updating your personal website, using eye-catching, relevant profile photos will boost your brand’s online presence. 

Name and Nickname

Another important aspect of profile design is your username and nickname as this represents your brand. Personalizing your brand this way enables a higher profile discoverability, especially if you exist on more than one platform. Clients can find you by searching for your name or nickname and this boosts traffic, driving more clicks which could potentially mean more sales. Maintaining the same username and nickname across multiple social media platforms is a good idea from a business perspective as your loyal clients can easily recognize you. 

Using nicknames also attracts the more tech-savvy users: the use of fictional names has become a common practice on the internet. Some users use nicknames to remain anonymous, others do it to further personalize their brand. 

Summary and About

This section of your profile represents you and your brand so it is incredibly vital that you include a well-written summary. Having an interesting and original summary will attract viewers and convince them to scroll, meaning that they will be spending more time on your page. This is your chance to show off your personality and brand, and it does not have to be too long: a sentence or two usually is enough. Keeping this section simple and direct is the best option for you as you probably do not want to confuse your audience.

Interests and Achievements

If you want to reveal more of your personality with detail, you are welcome to do so in this section of your profile. This will add more character to your brand and humanizes you as a content creator. You could mention your hobbies, achievements, interests, etc. Sharing your attributes with viewers could enhance your popularity as people will be able to relate to you more. You can keep this area as brief as you like.

What are The Best Profile Design Tips?

    • Maintaining visual consistency is important because it makes your brand more unique and recognizable. You can customize your content by establishing a consistent font, backgrounds, avatars and banners.
    • Be clear and direct as you do not want to bore your audience. The truth is that most people do not have the attention span to figure out complexity, especially on the web. 
  • Learn your target audience so you can customize your content to appeal to your potential clients. Your content must be convenient for your target audience.
  • Employ a straight-forward navigation format on your profile as the easier it is to access the information the viewer is looking for, the more likely they are to consume your services. You will lose out by confusing the viewer. Each section of your profile must be accessible with a few clicks.
  • Study your competition if you need ideas on how to structure your online profile design. You can use what you find as a template and eventually construct your own theme.
  • Benefit from Rulta’s profile design templates if you are looking for inspiration. We created free, user-friendly templates for our customers to use with or without using a HTML code. Our templates work on Chaturbate, Myfreecams, Bongacams, and more. We also offer a comprehensive drag and drop profile builder with customizable backgrounds and a floating icon builder tool. 

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