Why do you need piracy protection?

You need piracy protection in case your content is pirated online - you would lose money, reputation, and trust. It's our primary aim to protect your content against content thieves and from being accessed by unpaying potential customers. Let us protect your content so you can dedicate yourself to improving your work.

What you get

Detection of Piracy

We’ve built a highly extensive network that can access pirated content all over the web by crawling websites.

Remove Illegal Copies

We remove any illegal copy of your content by sending DMCA notices to the necessary authorities.

Removal from Search Results

Websites get most of their traffic from search engines such as Google, Bing and Yandex. We remove copyright infringements while keeping referrals, reviews and anything else you wish to retain.

Continous Protection

We continue to check and monitor the detected copyright infringements.


We get help from facial recognition, machine learning and a variety of algorithms, as well as human intelligence when needed. This perfects our overall service.

94% of customers recommend us

Charly Biscay

This service is impressive, extremely effective and provides unmatched help in combating piracy of digital products. I am very satisfied with it, thank you!

Victoria Jay

Cam models— check them out! I love their service. Best thing I got all year was @Rultacom service!!!

Roxanne Brown

They are very informed about DMCA & takedown process. I'm happy to have the service as it helped me so much and is a reasonable price.
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Cost of Piracy

Potential Profit Loss

$20,129.15 *

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* According to a report by Digital TV Research, the cost of online piracy is $37.4 billion in 2018 and this figure will hit $52 billion by the year 2022.

Protect your product and brand with Rulta's DMCA takedown service. Don't take the risk of losing your potential customers.

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