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E. KayaContent creator at Rulta10/3/22

Successful content creators unfortunately will have faced the struggle of protecting their brand from content thieves. Online copyright infringement is a nightmare for many content creators like yourself, dampening the reputation and income stream of your well-deserved labor. Illegally copied and distributed content is a burden you should not have to carry. 

Subscribing to a copyright protection service relieves you from the stress of safeguarding your brand from piracy. Based on the fact that you are reading this blog, you probably already are somewhat familiar with our services.

Scanning and Monitoring the Web

As an established copyright protection service, our team of anti-piracy specialists made a great effort to develop customized artificial intelligence software that scans the internet for illegally copied content. Using facial recognition software to assist with the process of scanning the web to identify stolen photographic and video content, our takedown team manually sifts through the flagged infringements and sends takedown notices to the platform in question.

Despite our efforts to remove your illegally copied content to various websites, content thieves – just like any other kind of criminal – tend to adapt their ways and figure out alternatives to reaching their end goal. They might seek the option of uploading the illegally copied content to file hosting services in order to enable easy distribution on various websites. Dropbox and Google Drive are two examples of reputable file hosting services.

File Hosting Services

File hosting services are – simply put – an internet file storage system that allows users to store and share digital files with others. These files could be images, videos, documents, software and more. The idea of having to safeguard your brand is stressful enough, yet alone figuring out how to search file hosting sites for your illegally copied content.

Fear no more, because this is where we step in for you: during our website crawls, our experts also actively scan for file host links that contain copyright infringements. Working closely with file hosting sites for almost a decade contributes to establishing professional working relationships with the server owners, meaning that our efforts to report illegally copied content on their servers do not go unnoticed.

Once we contact the file hosting site and inform them of a copyright infringement, the stolen content is usually removed from the server within 24 hours, preventing the unlawful distribution of your illegally copied work. Rulta boasts an impressive removal rate of 350 thousand copyright infringements, from file hosting sites.

Countless file hosting services exist on the internet today. The ones we work closely with include but are not limited to:

  • Mega.nz
  • Mega.io
  • K2s.cc (keep2share)
  • Nitroflare.com
  • Gofile.io
  • TezFiles.com
  • Ubiqfile.com
  • Google Drive

Putting your faith into a third party to protect your copyrights whilst working in an intimate industry can be daunting to even consider. We work closely with hundreds of clients like yourself to prevent your content from being spread on the internet, without your consent. Browse through our different plans to start benefiting from our anti-piracy protection today.

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