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E. KayaContent creator at Rulta11/3/21

A profitable camming career relies on not having the most viewers, but the most loyal ones. But how do you earn loyalty; how do you get people hooked? If we look at psychological research, we see that habits are formed by repeating actions at the same time and location or within the same context Psychology of Habit . This basically means that in order to become a habit for your viewers, the best thing you can do is to perform at the same time every day and make your content recognizable.

What does that mean?

This basically means that in order to become a habit for your viewers, there are two things you can do: perform at the same time every day, and make your content recognizable. In fact, the most effective way of encouraging habit formation in your viewers is to have a set schedule for your performances. Think of it as conditioning people to seek you out at the same time of day. Another reliable way to promote this seeking behavior is to make sure viewers know what they are going to get when they look at the clock and remember that your show is on.

How do you do that?

You can achieve this by controlling two things. The first one is having a consistent aesthetic. Whether you’re going for the anime schoolgirl look or the dominatrix look, it needs to be established and consistent from one video to another, and also on your profile How Your Profile Determines the Future of Your Career . The next thing is to follow a formula. You can follow a step by step checklist of actions to perform in your shows.

But what if you end up boring your audience?

To eliminate that risk, add one or more unexpected acts into each show. Uncertain treats like this will actually promote habit formation. Psychology of Habit . Once you’ve covered all three bases, you will increase your chances of having your viewers come in more often.

Why does it matter so much that viewers come in more often?

This is where attraction comes in. There is a psychological phenomenon called the mere-exposure effect Why is simply being exposed to something or someone makes us view that thing or person more positively , which tells us that people are attracted to people that they are familiar with. So, if you first compel viewers to see you more often, you will have also encouraged them to like you more and more each time they see you. This way you will make regulars out of casual viewers, and as you’ve probably already noticed, regulars bring in the real money in the form of tips and private shows.

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