Why an Automated Copyright Protection Service Required for WebCam Models

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E. KayaContent creator at Rulta2/9/21

Thanks to the transformations in the internet age, as a cam-model you can easily market your unique content, while thousands of viewers impatiently wait for your performances.

Growing industry and new problems:

And the industry is growing by the day. These huge changes create new problems, such as the labor-intensive nature of the work, competition between models, and the difficulty of finding an automated copyright protection system.

Lack of information about DMCA:

Neither the cam-model agencies, nor the viewers have valued the models' hard work, or seen the importance in copyright protection. As a result, copyright infringement is prevalent in the industry, as well as the lack of information about the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown process.

What do cam models need to care about?:

There are plenty of things cam-models need to take care of: their bodies, the theme of the video, the cam-model site to select, future productions, etc.

The effect of online piracy on cam-models:

For this reason, the infringements steal this hard work and dwindle the reputation that the cam-model works so hard to achieve. Since cam-models do not have too much time to deal with their pirated content, their need for cleaning pirated URLs have to be done by professionals.

Why Cam-Models need a professional service:

Why professionals? Because it is not an easy job to detect all the copyright infringements and report to Google for de-indexing and reporting to the website owner. Only a professional automated service would be able to provide this service in the most efficient way. A manual search on more than 10.000 pirated URLs takes at least one full day. There could be more than 20.000. How many people can a model hire for her/his/their needs? What will be the price of removing your pirated content?

What happens If models do not prefer a professional copyright protection service?:

Things get even more strenuous when after a full day of clearing 10.000 URLs, you wake up the next day to see new pirated URLs since content thieves have created new domains or uploaded videos to the same sites within hours. So, even if a cam-model has a group of people that worked and removed the pirated contents, they still have to spend time checking whether there are new ones on the same site or different sites. Would you rather spend time on producing new content, or running after thieves day and night?

The effect of online piracy on cam-models' channels traffic:

There is another issue which models complain about: they have difficulty being spotlighted with their own accounts on sites like Chaturbate or Bongacams.

If cam-models' old videos are pirated more than their colleagues, their fans end up preferring the pirated content over live performances.

How Rulta effects your visibility:

So, how can you prevent the repetitive pirated URLs and increase your visibility? This can only be done with an automated service. Rulta protection service has lots of bots crawling new websites, checking reported URLs, whether they are removed or not. Finally, our bots send an automatically generated DMCA notice to the websites, or to Google, Yandex and Bing.

Rulta's services:

Rulta offers you three packages: Beginner, Professional, and Premier.

Beginner Package:

The Beginner Package gives you weekly protection for the de-indexing and removal process. Users get weekly reports for their removals and scans. If you are an active performer and do the shows more than 2 times a week, the beginner plan might not solve your copyright issues totally.

Professional Package:

The Professional Package presents an unlimited takedown service. It also has lots of extra features such as the Tube Module and search engine module. These features provide faster removal and de-indexing of the pirated content. The Professional Package thus provides more time for models to focus on their work.

Premier Package:

The Premier Package offers the best solutions for the models who have a lot of content on social media. In addition to all the services included in the Professional Package, the Premier customers are assigned a personal agent who closely monitors your content flow, caters to your specific needs that arise from social media pirating, and is available to answer all your questions 24/7.

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