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E. KayaContent creator at Rulta7/30/23

Florida-based OnlyFans model, Tiff Bannister, opens up about how she became a star in the world of spicy content creators, whilst sharing her opinions on the industry and tips for newbies. Get ready to discover Tiff's journey to the top and learn from her experience in the exciting world of OnlyFans.

Q. We heard that you are a Swiftie (Taylor Swift fan) 👀 is this true? What type of music are you into?

A. Yes!! She's been my favorite since I was like 12. I like country and pop the most.

Q. You were born on September 14 which makes you a Virgo. Do you feel like you possess the qualities of a Virgo?

A. I think I get along with earth and water signs the best but I don't know too much about the actual traits. I am introverted which I think is a Virgo sign but I’m not super OCD about cleaning.

Q. Can you reveal something about yourself we don't know?

A. What I love more than anything is just chilling at home with my cats.

Q. Do you have any pets? 🐾

A. Yes I have 3 cats! They’re my babies.

Q. How did you decide to become an OnlyFans creator?

A. I had a big Facebook following when I was 18 and wanted to do something with it. I did real porn and then years later did OnlyFans since I had a following.

Q. How has being a 🌶 creator affected your life? Do you have any regrets?

A. I love it! Nope, no regrets.

Q. What are the pros and cons of working as a 🌶️ content creator?

A. Pros - the money, being your own boss, and doing what/who you want like setting your own prices, etc.

Cons - a lot of pressure and work, you have to know how to market yourself.

Q. Any tips/suggestions to creators🌶️✨ who are new to the industry?

A. Do a lot of collabs and market yourself!

About Rulta...

Q. How has your experience been with us so far?

A.. Awesome! You guys have taken down so many leaks for me. I’m very happy with it.

Q. Do you have any suggestions for us? What/how can we improve?

A. Nope! (:

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions!❤️

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