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E. KayaContent creator at Rulta7/2/23

The 28 year old OnlyFans model kindly took the time to answer our questions about her life and her OnlyFans career. We spoke about creating spicy content, cars, and the mary jane.

Q. You clearly have a lot of love for your Subaru and we LOVE to see it! How did your interest in cars begin? 

A. I love my Subaru! And cars in general. I think my love for them started back in highschool because I’d always go for the “bad boy” who had a cool car and they grew on me. I always thought it was hot when a guy had a nice car. Then I realized that I didn’t want to drive anything boring anymore so I started buying or building them for myself.

Q. What are three items you cannot go a day without using?

A. Weed, my vibrator, and Rulta 🙌🏼

Q. Can you reveal something about yourself we don't know?

A. This is a tough one because I’m super open about my life. I base almost all of my decisions off of my horoscope, it’s literally how I start and structure my day. I’m an Aquarius by the way!

Q. We love your exclusive air fresheners. Do you have any plans to release other products in the future?

A. I sure do! People have asked me to make posters and calendars and I love both of those ideas.

Q. After a little snoop on your profiles, we saw the love you have for ☘️. What does marijuana help you with?

A. You can say that again. So, I have always struggled with anxiety and depression and most medications don’t agree with me very well so weed helps me be a functioning person. I’m super responsible about it, for instance I never smoke and then drive or anything but if I’m not going anywhere you can bet your ass I’m high.

Q. How did you decide to become an OnlyFans creator?

A. It was a combination of things. For one, I hated my job. I worked in the medical field for nine years and during the pandemic I was treated with such disrespect from all angles that it really brought me down. I also really enjoyed exploring my sexual side and I wanted to start by making videos online and decided to try a subscription based platform, so OnlyFans was my first choice. Anyway, one day I crashed into my boss's car in the parking lot at work (by accident!) and after a brief mental breakdown I quit and started making content full time.

Q. How has being a 🌶 creator affected your life? Do you have any regrets?

A. My life is WEIRD. But it’s a good and fun weird. Some people recognize me in person which totally throws me off because I’m surprisingly shy in person. I’m constantly wondering if the person next to me in the grocery store has seen my tata’s or not. I’m not having my car repossessed or my power shut off anymore so that’s always a plus, the money has been decent. I really don’t have any regrets, not yet at least!

Q. What are the pros and cons of working as a 🌶️ content creator?

A. Pros: Flexible schedule (although I work 24/7), no boss, talk to a lot of great people, decent money.

Cons: I’m definitely a little more conscious about my safety and have had to get quite a bit of security. It’s also hard to be in a job surrounded by beautifully stunning people all the time and constantly compare yourself to them, especially when everyone on the internet looks perfect. I can also get burned out if I’m not careful, I’m not good at shutting off my phone and walking away for a bit.

It might not look like it based on these paragraphs but the pro’s outweigh the cons a hundred to one.

Q. Any tips/suggestions to creators🌶️✨ who are new to the industry?

A. Don’t let people pressure you into doing anything you’re uncomfortable doing. Build yourself as a brand. Marketing is super important and make sure to spread it out across platforms. Invest in Rulta once you find your content being leaked all over the internet (which happens faster than you would expect it to).

Q. How has your experience been with us so far?

A. Amazing. Not only is Rulta super responsive to my needs but everyone there has had fantastic customer service and treated me with a great level of respect. Plus they OBLITERATED my leaks and they keep me updated every day.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions!❤️

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